American Express Gold Card

A life of privileges awaits you wherever you go, the American Express Gold Card will make your trip more enjoyable with benefits and privileges that are only granted to members of the American Express Gold Card.

The card gives you a wide range of benefits, including no pre-set limits, free access to airport lounges, secure purchase and travel insurance. As universally accepted, Gold Card is the perfect choice for those who are always looking for the finest options. 

Features of the American Express Gold Card:

  • No pre-set spending limit * 
  • Membership Rewards® **
  • Free access to Middle East airport lounges 
  • Travel Accident Insurance up to USD 350,000
  • Travel Inconvenience Insurance up to USD 1,000
  • Secure purchase protection up to USD 1,500 each time and USD 40,000 over 12 months against theft, and 90 days against accidental damage.
  • Protection against fraud over the Internet.
  • Thousands of local and international offers are brought by SelectSSM from American Express
  • Client service - around the clock
  • E-services, and e-statement alerts

* "No pre-set spending limit" does not mean unlimited spending on your card.  It means that approving your purchases is subject to specific factors such as bank guarantee, the pattern of expenditure, credit history, in addition to other financial resources available in our hands.
* Subject to membership in Membership Rewards Program

Membership Rewards Program - Reward yourself
The Membership Rewards Program grants you a point for every dollar you spend using your card, to be replaced with amazing rewards from the finest airlines, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Make your shopping unforgettable, with an annual fee of only USD 25.


  • The validity of points is endless, with no limit to the points you can get.
  • More than 10 partners; airlines and regional and international hotels
  • A wide range of local and international partners with many rewards to choose from as you wish.

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