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Keeping your personal information confidential and secure is one of our top priorities at Tadhamon Bank . Therefore, we recommend our clients to comply with the information security guidelines

Keeping your personal information confidential and secure is one of our top priorities at Tadhamon Bank . Therefore, we recommend our clients to comply with the following information security guidelines:

  • Your password must be saved and not disclosed to third parties nor even written.
  • Never tell anyone your Internet Banking password or your ATM card PIN even if it was a TIIB employee.
  • Your password must be constantly changed to ensure that it cannot be used or guessed by third parties.
  • Make sure that you are not watched when you enter your information on the keyboard when using the system, especially when you enter your password.
  • Log out when you completed using the online banking system by clicking the exit button, where the connection is directly terminated and that no transaction can be made unless resigning in again.
  • It is recommended to type the Bank address manually in your browser to access online banking. We do not recommend searching for the Bank link via internet search engines.
  • Do not access the Bank's website through links that are attached to emails or websites.
  • Beware of anonymous emails or calls asking you to disclose your password, credit card numbers or personal information.
  • Beware of fraudulent messages and suspicious websites and never respond to requests for personal information or password, nor provide any personal data either on the phone or e-mail or enter them in unknown and unsupported websites. Always make sure you are on the official website of the TIIB.

To protect your device and your information:

  • Be sure to use a genuine operating system (for example, Windows) on your computer.
  • Install system-specific updates, especially security updates.
  • Install and update your antivirus software regularly. 
  • Activate the operating system embedded Firewall.
  • We recommend that you not install unreliable source or unnecessary software.
  • Use your own device when you access Tadhamon online banking services and do not use shared devices such as those used in Internet cafes.
  • We recommend that you pay attention to new security warnings to minimize new security risks.

To protect your privacy:

  • All your information exchanged during your use of online banking services is protected and encrypted by data transmission protocol confidentially and securely. 
  • Access to client data is restricted to authorized personnel with specific functional reasons.
  •  Tadhamon Bank employees are committed to maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of clients.
  • When a user logs on to the Bank's website using a wrong password successive three times, the system will automatically close the username, which means that the user must retrieve the logging information, by visiting one of the branches of the Bank.
  • The Bank maintains high-level controls to protect your files and necessary information from loss, destruction, and misrepresentation. The Bank also regularly conducts security audits of banking systems to monitor the level and readiness of security systems.
  • We do not provide any third party with your information except in accordance with the regulations in force in the Republic of Yemen governing all our joint transactions with you.
  • If you experience a security breach, please notify our call center or call 8001010

Complaints and feedback: 
Please inform client service at our branches or direct supervisors of any issue, who will do their best address with any issue within a short period of time. 

In cases where you are not fully satisfied with the responses of these employees or supervisors, please keep up contacting the Client Complaints Department at Tadhamon Bank on: 8001010, Email:, or send a complaint letter by contacting us or filling out the client complaint form and placing them in the complaints and feedback box at any of our branches. 

For More Information:

Please visit the nearest branch of Tadhamon Bank or call [ 8001010 ]

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