Islamic Deposits

High Profits, Islamic Rules

Term Deposits, with a fixed period of time, with withdrawing profits within such period. The depositor authorizes the banks to invest his funds on the basis of profit or loss sharing in accordance with the provisions of the Islamic Shari'ah. The Bank has the right to dispose of whatever it deems fit for their mutual interests.
Tadhamon Bank is distinguished with its profits distributed within this account.

Features :

  • Shariah-compliant; 
  • Confidentiality and restriction of access;
  • Available for citizens, residents, and immigrants.  
  • Available in currencies (Yemeni Riyal, Saudi Riyal, USD, Euro, GBP);
  • Taking advantage of financing services guaranteed by deposit balances in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bank;
  • Highest profit rates on your investment deposit;
  • Shariah-compliant returns;
  • Deposit is easily automatically renewed unless otherwise requested.
  • Your deposit is always at your disposal; as you can break it at any time, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Bank.

Requirements for Tadhamon Investment Deposit:

  • Please visit the nearest Tadhamon branch to fill in and sign the Tadhamon Investment Deposit Application. 
  • Holding the Tadhamon account (current / savings).
  • The minimum deposit is 200,000 (TWO hundred thousand Yemeni Riyals).
  • The minimum deposit is 2000 (Two  thousand Saudi Riyals).
  • The minimum deposit is 500 (Five hundred  USD ).


  • Highest return on profits for Tadhamon investment deposits.
  • Shariah-compliant Mudarabah and Profit or loss sharing. 

Breaking and Recovery of Deposit: 

  • During the year of breaking the principle of deposit before maturity: the return of the previous year is deducted if the deposit is broken before the expiry of the contract term in accordance with the terms of creation.
  • Breaking or recovery after maturity:  The net deposit amount is deposited into your bank account.

For More Information:

Please visit the nearest branch of Tadhamon Bank or call [ 8001010 ]

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