Terms and Conditions

  • The banking system enables the client to obtain a number of services and products and to perform transactions such as transfers of funds between the Bank accounts, in addition to other services and transactions provided by the Bank.
  • The Bank has the right, for whatever reason, to reject any request for logging in or accessing the banking system. 
  • The Bank shall comply with all instructions and banking transactions received from the Client and which comply with the Bank's working procedures and the instructions of the competent official authorities and banking customs.
  • The Bank shall record all financial transactions executed by the client through Internet Banking. The client is fully responsible for all liabilities arising out of using the service, whether made with or without his/her knowledge. Upon being authorized by the client, the Bank shall deduct the financial obligations arising from the use of the system from its bank account linked to the service or any other account with the Bank without any notification the client. The client shall pay the fees and charges as may be determined by the Bank for such services, which may be amended from time to time at the Bank's absolute discretion.
  • The client acknowledges full responsibility for the personal use of the banking system in accordance with the intended purposes and uses. The client also acknowledges full responsibility for conducting banking transactions and for any use of such services by any person authorized by the client through using the login data, user ID and PIN. The client shall maintain user ID and PIN and may not disclose such data to any person, entity or employee of the Bank. The Client also acknowledges that the PIN is a personal authentication for any user of the service. The Bank shall in no event incur any damage, consequences, losses or indemnity resulting from a violation of any of the foregoing. The client shall be responsible for the validly, safety and regularity of all transactions made under the service.
  • The client declares that the Bank, its affiliates and employees are not liable for any loss, damage, or financial claim or other claim resulting from the use of the client’s user ID and PIN. The Client shall notify the Bank in writing if he/she becomes aware that the User ID or PIN has become known to others, so that the Bank may take the necessary actions. The Client shall be responsible for all transactions and instructions issued therefrom until the Bank receives the said written notification.
  • The Client shall keep confidential all data, information and transactions of its accounts and any other data that can be accessed, downloaded or stored from any computer or the Internet. The Client shall be responsible for any unauthorized use and for all consequences, losses, and damage that may result directly or indirectly against the client or the Bank. 
  • The Bank has the right to cancel these services at any time without prior notice to the client. 
  • The client agreed to authorize the Bank to send all communications and notices relating to this service via e-mail or fax. The client also undertakes to take all possible precautions to maintain the confidentiality of these messages and shall be also responsible in case of breach of this condition. 
  • The Bank shall make reasonable efforts to ensure the provision and operation of the banking system service. The Bank shall be responsible for the conduct and execution in accordance with the instructions of the user sent through the banking system and received by the Bank. The Bank may not be liable for any damage or indemnity resulting from malfunctions or defects to communication devices or lines that may affect the accuracy of the messages sent by the user or the timing of their arrival.
  • The data and information received by the user from the Bank or service provider assigned by the Bank are trusted. The user is provided with such data and information on the basis of exerting all possible efforts to ensure the user's comfort, however, they are not guaranteed. Therefore, the Bank may not responsible for any lack, inaccuracy, completeness, and availability or timing of arrival of such data and information, or any other decision made by relying on such data and information.
  • The Bank may not be responsible for any information hacking, computer viruses or problems arising from such services provided by any service provider or from the user's personal device.
  • The Bank has the right to amend these Terms and Conditions and notify the client of such amendment(s). 


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