Saving Account

It is an on request saving account

It satisfies our clients' needs on investing their deposits. The client authorizes the Bank to invest his deposit according to Mudarabah. Accordingly, the client can deposit or withdraw cash at any time while having a return according to the rate announced by the Bank at the end of each financial year.

Features and Benefits:

  • Confidentiality;
  • Available for citizens, residents, and immigrants;  
  • Available for teenagers (under 18);
  • Available in currencies (Yemeni Riyal, Saudi Riyal, USD, Euro, GBP);
  • Making internal and external transfers;
  • Obtaining Tadhamon ATM card;
  • Cash withdrawal 24 hours a day, seven days a week from ATMs or through My Wallet Service;
  • Suitable to receive the profits of the Tadhamon investing deposits;
  • Shariah-compliant profits;
  • Obtaining a detailed statement of all the movements made on the account;
  • Managing your account from any Tadhamon branch, without visiting the branch where the account was opened; and
  • Shariah-compliant.

For more information, please visit the nearest branch of Tadhamon Bank or call (8001010).

Account opening requirements:

  • Please visit the nearest Tadhamon branch to fill in and sign the Tadhamon Investment Deposit Application. 
  • Original of a valid national ID card or valid passport;
  • Recent passport size color photograph;
  • The custodianship of the legal guardian for those under the age of 18 years;
  • Copy of ID card (personal / family) or passport of the guardian including the name of the minor;
  • Copy of the birth certificate of buds, accompanied by the original of the certificate for matching purposes as well as a recent personal photograph (4 x 6);
  • The minimum limit to open a current account is 50,000 Yemeni Riyal or the equivalent amount in other currencies; 
  • Copy of a valid residence, for the resident customer;
  • Proof of place of residence such as bills of utilities; water, electricity or telephone, lease contract or written approval of from Neighborhood Headman;


  • Tadhamon savings account with high-profit rates.
  • Shariah-compliant Mudarabah and Profit or loss sharing. 

For More Information:

Please visit the nearest branch of Tadhamon Bank or call [ 8001010 ]

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