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An active and remarkable participation of “Mahfathati” in the Smart Village Exhibition in its second edition

Monday, 11 December, 2023

“Mahfathati” pavilion received a remarkable presence from visitors to the Smart Village Exhibition in its second edition, which began on Sunday, December 3, and concludes its activities today, Wednesday, in Al-Washah Hall in Al-Sabaeen in the municipality of the capital, Sana’a, organized by Cheese Events Company and sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Central Bank of Yemen, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. In the secretariat, with the participation of banks, companies, institutions and entrepreneurs, under the slogan “towards keeping pace with technological development and going beyond traditional methods of providing various services and activities”.

The large turnout of visitors to the exhibition at the “Mahfathati” pavilion reflects the status that the wallet has reached, which has become one of the most prominent electronic wallets in Yemen, as it registers a prominent presence in all events and activities related to digital transformation and entrepreneurship since its launch in the year 2017 as a participant and sponsor of those events.

One of the interests of “Mahfathati” provided by Tadhamon Bank is to display and provide its services in all events related to digital transformation, and also in the events organized by the bank for university students, by displaying electronic payment services and the latest digital technologies, and it represented a wonderful opportunity for visitors to conferences and exhibitions, to explore payment solutions. The innovative electronic services provided by “Mahfathati” and learning about modern digital technologies in the field of financial services, and sharing the benefits of using digital technology in the financial sector.

“Mahfathati” service is an electronic payment method made using the mobile phone through “Mahfathati” application, through which the subscriber carries out his financial transactions with complete ease and convenience, shortening a lot of time and distance, such as transferring, making payments, and purchasing from international websites via his mobile phone, as it provides you as a user the advantage of managing all your financial transactions from your mobile phone in an easy, safe and fast way, at any time and from anywhere.

“Mahfathati” offers its subscribers several benefits, such as marketing and promotional offers and discounts. The application can also be used whether using the Internet or without it, in addition to using the application from anywhere in the world and with the same account number, as the application includes a security and protection element for the user that prevents any hacking process or hacking the user's phone.

The application includes several services (transfer from one account to another - merchants - purchasing applications via the Internet). The application provides multiple, specialized and independent advantages for individuals and companies. The application also provides the service of reviewing the account statement, so that “Mahfathati” represents a qualitative addition to the banking sector with the advantages of its services in light of the technology revolution and keeping pace with developments in Digital transformation.

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