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Sponsored by the Chairman of the Board

Wednesday, 17 December, 2014

Sponsored by the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Abduljabbar Hayel Saeed, the second annual meeting for department and branch managers in upper management was held in the main office of the Tadhamon International Islamic Bank during the period from the 4th to the 5th of December 2014.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Mahmoud Alrifa’ee, the General Manager of the Bank, Mr. Sami Muhammad Abdoh Saeed, the Deputy General Manager, Dr. Muhammad Sinan Aljalal, a member of the Legal Supervisory Board, and the branch and department managers of the bank. During the meeting, the main accomplishments that were achieved during 2014 were discussed, as well as the main future development steps that the bank plans to achieve.

During a word to the participants, Mr. Mahmoud Alrifa’ee, the General Manager of the Bank, discussed the main obstacles that the bank faced during the past year in light of the competition in the banking sector. At the forefront of these obstacles is the focus on developing banking products and services for customers, improving the performance of the employees of the bank, and expanding in the field of electronic banking services. He talked about the importance of excellent performance in light of the competition in the market, as well as providing the services that the customers of the bank want in the best possible manner.

On his part, Mr. Sami Muhammad Abdoh, the Deputy General Manager, reiterated the importance of the Bank and its branches managing customer services, and the role it needs to play to meet the demands of the customers of the bank and its shareholders because they are the most important source of marketing for the bank. He talked, at the same time, about the role of employees in achieving the general strategy of the bank and in developing the services provided to customers in order to reach the bank’s goals and aspirations.

The attendees of the meeting had listened to the suggestions of the previous meeting and what was achieved, and they talked about the number of subjects and issues that were presented by the different departments and branches.

It should be mentioned that these meetings are a part of the efforts of the administration of the Bank to increase the participation of branch and department managers and their contribution to developing the work of the bank while also giving them incentives to participate in providing suggestions that could benefit their work.

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