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Hayel Saeed Anam Group Companies Forum Event, Ibb branches

Thursday, 11 November, 2021

In conjunction with Tadhamon Bank’s Silver Jubilee celebrations and under the patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel.. The Agents Visiting Team held the training program for the branches of commercial and industrial companies in Ibb Governorate (Natco Consumer, Dairy, Hayel Saeed Trading, Sugar, Al Saeed, United Insurance Hasco) at the Tadhamon Bank building, Ibb branch, today, Thursday, November 11, 2021.

The meeting was opened with a welcoming speech by Mr Anwar Al-Zubayri, Director of Branches Affairs Department, beginning with thanks and appreciation to the leaders of the participating companies and the honorable attendance represented by Mr. Abdullah Al-Amiri, Director of Natco, and Mr. Faisal Al-Hammadi, Director of United Insurance, and thanks for the attendance. He explained the importance of the meeting with the group companies and the bank’s orientation in the next stage in implementation of the directives of the Chairman of the Board of Directors and a strategic goal for the leadership of the bank represented by the General Manager, the Deputy General Manager and all the executive leadership and out of the high confidence of the bank’s customers, especially the group companies, and the integration that will be achieved in light of the launch of the new electronic service package.

He also touched upon presenting a brief overview of the agents' visit and the importance of this in pushing companies and their agents to deposit the account of the companies at Tadhamon Bank, as well as the advantages that will accrue to the companies.

Mr. Ezzedine Al-Maamari, Director of the Electronic Services Department, also spoke to the audience, with a detailed explanation of the electronic services provided by the bank, such as (Internet Banking, Tadhamon Mobile, Cardless and ATM Bank Cards, and DSECURE3), about their importance and ease of use after developing them in line with developments of the modern era and what distinguishes Tadhamon Bank.

Mr. Imad Al-Aghbari, Mahfathati Manager, spoke with an explanatory introduction about the “Mahfathati Service” and its importance and advantages to serve the community to reduce the use of cash and use it electronically and according to the vision of the Central Bank by working to pay purchases and obligations through electronic payment services, and also talked about the advantages it provides to merchants by paying salaries and contracts to activate the service for them in addition to serving individuals.

Mr. Nabil Al-Awami also talked about the express transfers service (Tadhamon Pay) and its advantages, and clarification by opening strong relations with major banks and foreign money transfer companies as partners of Tadhamon Bank. This development abolished the excuse that many agents were unable to use for the lack of Tadhamon branches in their areas.

Mr. Abdelwahab Al-Faqih, Director of Tadhamon Call Center, gave an overview of the service, which is considered a link between the bank and its customers, and a mainstay for listening to customer inquiries, complaints and suggestions on the free number *8001010* and other recently added communication channels such as chat and the bank’s general email info, short message service, and responding to customers’ comments on social media, through a qualified cadres who are available on days and outside working hours, and placing these channels in the bank’s applications such as the mobile banking, Mahfathati, the bank’s website, and in the bank’s advertisements and publications, to be accessible to the Bank's valued customers and audience.

Participated in the forum Mr. Akram Al-Kaboudi from the Treasury Department, Mr. Hisham Al-Aghbari from the Marketing Department, and Mr. Ramiz Al-Maqtari, Director of Ibb Branch, Mr. Ashraf Al-Qatwi from the branch, and Mr. Aref Shaye’, who had an active role with the branch team in gathering the employees.

Contests were held about the bank's electronic services and Mahfathati, and a number of prizes and incentives were distributed to open accounts and electronic services, and an incentive of 2000 riyals was provided to each participant to open an online wallet. And distribute gifts to everyone who exceeded 100 employees.

 Everyone praised the visiting team, electronic services and Mahfathati.

The meeting was concluded at 12:30 with a lunch in honor of the honorable company managers.

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