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Under the slogan: "A Quarter-Century of Trust," Tadhamon Bank celebrates its 25th anniversary

Thursday, 28 October, 2021

On the occasion of the "25" anniversary of the founding of Tadhamon Bank, under the generous patronage of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hayel.

This Thursday morning, 10/28-2021, was held in the capital Sana’a and the rest of the governorates of the Republic, the 25th Silver Jubilee celebration of the founding of the bank in 1996.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Hayel Saeed Anam, the founder of the bank. In his speech, he referred to the first stages of establishment and the obstacles that accompanied the various establishment phase, represented in the management’s insistence with confidence of God to move forward by overcoming all difficulties in order to gain the trust of customers inside and outside the beloved country.

In his speech, he also stressed the importance and continuity of the bank's work and said that the rapid growth in various financial indicators is evidence of the successful march, clear vision and great values.

The founder, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Hayel Saeed Anam, reviewed, through his speech, the importance of this occasion, 25 years of the bank's founding, which lies in emphasizing that Tadhamon Bank was able to achieve positive results and growth that exceeded all expectations related to the work of banks.

Mr. Shawki Ahmed Hayel, Chairman of the Board of Directors, spoke at the event, saying that our tireless and continuous work and our cooperation with many institutions made Tadhamon Bank a reliable and a leading banking institution that always seeks to provide innovative financial solutions to improve the community’s lifestyle and keep pace with changes in light of the rapid progress in the digital fields.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors addressed many thanks to the attendees for their participation in Al-Tadhamon Bank on this occasion, and expressed the Bank’s appreciation to the management and employees of its valued customers for the confidence they gave him by continuing to meet the financial, banking and investment needs of customers, the Chairman of the Board of Directors on behalf of all the Bank’s employees expressed his thanks to all the former employees of the bank who served the bank with dedication and sincerity to reach this position,  the Chairman of the Board of Directors expressed his happiness over the success stories that the bank has achieved for all the bank’s clients in various fields and in all governorates.

Mr. Mahmoud Atta Al-Rifai, General Manager of the Bank, also spoke, where he valued the efforts of each member of Tadhamon Bank family, who represent the main pillar of what the Bank has achieved today in gaining the trust of everyone, individuals, institutions and organizations that deal with.

Mr. Basheer Sultan Al-Maqtari, Deputy General Manager, praised the extent of the employees’ cooperation to advance the banking work in the bank always towards leadership, stressing the support of the senior management for all ideas, proposals and opinions that work to improve the quality of the bank’s products and services.

During the event, promotional and documentary videos were presented that expressed the bank’s march during the past 25 years. The event included competitions and creative paragraphs that won the audience’s approval. The new in the field of banking and electronic services and fast transfers by directors of departments and units was reviewed.

Many of the bank’s shareholders, major customers and agents participated in the celebration of Tadhamon Bank, to serve express transfers and serve Mahfathati in all governorates of the Republic.

Al-Tadhamon Bank meets the needs of its customers, as its banking, investment, real estate, deposits, electronic services, express transfers, electronic payment service, expatriate services, and microfinance have expanded through 37 branches and offices and more than 3300 express transfer agents throughout the governorates of the Republic.

At the end of the celebration, the bank's management honored the bank's founders and the old employees who had the greatest role in the bank's success over the 25 years and the distinguished branches.

The Silver Jubilee event will be followed by launching a series of various events with our partners to display all our different banking products.



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