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Under the slogan "a quarter of a century of trust Tadhamon Bank celebrates the Silver Jubilee and launches a set of new services

Tuesday, 02 November, 2021

On Thursday, October 28, 2021, Tadhamon Bank celebrated the Silver Jubilee, marking the 25th anniversary of its founding.

Tadhamon Bank is one of the largest Yemeni banks, and it owns a wide network throughout the country, including (37) branches and offices, about (145) ATMs, more than (710) employees, and (3300) authorized remittance agents, and it also has a customer base which is the largest in the country.

Tadhamon Bank was established in 1996 as the first Islamic bank owned by the private sector, with a small base of a few employees, and due to the lack of a local and national banking structure at the time, redoubled efforts were made, and it was necessary to build from scratch at the hands of the first pioneers, led by the founder Mr. Abdul-Jabbar Hayel Saeed, who carried a broad vision for the development of the national economy, and laying solid foundations, represented by the establishment of the first Islamic bank in Yemen, after which the development and expansion of various cities and population centers in Yemen would continue, according to drawn up and studied plans.

Today, the bank adopts digital transformation in its financial and banking services, by launching and modernizing internet banking services, as well as mobile banking, and electronic payment services, as well as Yemeni expatriate services, in order to achieve the highest expectations for customers, and to expand the network of branches and electronic channels, in order to meet and keep pace with the growing needs of customers.

During the years of its work, Tadhamon Bank was able to acquire and build strong relationships with all customers. On this occasion, the Bank celebrates these long-standing and distinguished relationships, whether with customers inside and outside the country, or with the network of global correspondent banks that was formed as an inevitable result of the application of the highest standards of compliance and transparency by Tadhamon Bank. It also enabled the bank to win many awards in a number of international forums.

In light of the lofty goal of promoting social responsibility, the Bank is committed to supporting and encouraging young entrepreneurs, as a main principle since its establishment, culminating in launching and sponsoring several specialized initiatives for entrepreneurs in small and medium enterprises during recent years.

In conjunction with the bank’s celebrations, the bank announced the development of the advantages of the “My Wallet” service with electronic payment via mobile provided by Tadamun Bank, in addition to announcing the development and updating of the identity and services of Tadhamon Microfinance Network, which operates as a subsidiary of the bank, next to Tadhamon Real Estate Company, Tadhamon Capital in Bahrain, with the aim of diversifying the provision of financial services to meet the desires of customers, as well as a wide range of developments and updates at various levels.

A quarter of a century...of trust"

Through which Tadhamon Bank achieved a leading position in the banking sector, as an institution based on sound financial foundations, noble Islamic values, and a role model for sustainable growth, which enabled it to develop its activities locally and internationally in the fields of investment, finance and economic development, and to overcome all challenges.

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