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Establishing a forum for the managers and employees of Hodeidah branch and centers in Hodeidah branch building

Sunday, 10 October, 2021

Under the generous sponsorship of the senior management, a forum for managers and employees of Hodeidah branch and centers was held on Saturday 9-10-2021 in Hodeidah branch building.

The speakers for the meeting were:

  • Anwar Al-Zubayri - Director of Branch Affairs Department, who welcomed everyone to this meeting and reviewed the matrix of goals (kpis) for all jobs, explaining their importance for the employee and the bank. He also touched on the honorable guidance of Mr. / Chairman of the Board of Directors, may God protect him, to apply the objectives matrix to all jobs in the bank to achieve the highest level of professionalism in banking.
  • The great opportunities that branches and centers must work on according to the direction of the bank's senior management were also discussed, including, for example, solidarity transfers in any and electronic services.
  • Imad Al-Aghbari - Manager of Mahfathati Unit, where he touched on the importance of servicing Mahfathati as a product of the bank, which has become widespread in most places in Sana’a and other governorates, and pointed out that we are all employees who market the bank's services.
  • Ezz El-Din Al-Maamari - Director of the Electronic Services Department, who started his speech on the importance of banking services as products that everyone, managers and employees, should be proud of and be proud of everywhere, and to be marketed with the services that everyone needs in our modern age, explaining the details of the new Tadhamon Mobile service, which makes the personal mobile per capita mobile bank.
  • Abdel Wahab Al-Faqih - Director of the Call Center Unit, where he talked about the importance of the service and the necessity of marketing it to customers in order to be a continuous link with the bank's customers.
  • Akram Al Kaboudi - Director of Treasury Department, who explained the developments of the TF Souq system, which is characterized by the speed and ease of buying and selling currencies and at the prices at which Tadhamon Bank is distinguished from the rest of the banks and future developments of the system by making it available to all employees.
  • Nabil Al-Awami - Director of Tadhamon Pay, where he touched on the advantages of the express transfer service (Tadhamon Pay) and the level it has reached, and the tendency to raise the number of Tadhamon Pay transfers and Western Union transfers in the coming days, especially with the activation of the incentive program for Tadhamon Pay service providers in the bank’s branches and centers, as he stressed on the role of employees for marketing Tadhamon Pay services.
  • In turn, the attendees expressed their thanks to the senior management for providing the opportunity to meet with all employees of the branches and centers of the city of Hodeidah in order to discuss common banking and administrative issues and to work together in a team spirit for the public interest.


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