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Choosing Tadhamon Bank as the strongest Islamic bank to serve individuals in Yemen 2020

Monday, 04 January, 2021

Cambridge IFA awarded Tadhamon Bank the award for the strongest Islamic bank to serve individuals in Yemen 2020, during a ceremony held in Cairo on December 15, 2020. Cambridge IFA is a dedicated financial services company dedicated to developing and using sophisticated and powerful analytical tools to evaluate business data, evaluate macroeconomic indicators, understand market trends, position leadership and develop branding relevant to the development of the financial services industry globally. Developing performance indicators for alternative practices for banking and finance. It also aims to provide strategic advice to governments, financial institutions and multilateral organizations in the development of financial markets including alternative banking and financial products, procedures, practices and policies.

By choosing Tadhamon Bank to receive the award for the strongest Islamic bank to serve individuals in Yemen in the year 2020 since the establishment of Tadhamon Bank in 1996 , the bank has been working with a clear and specific vision, which is to be your first bank, and its mission is to provide distinguished Islamic banking services locally and internationally, to achieve the aspirations of our customers and shareholders through Efficient work team and advanced information and communication technologies.

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