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Tadhamon Bank is the 1st bank in Yemen and the 14th in Middle East that launches the usage of Swift Global Payments Innovation (SWIFT GPI) standard.

Thursday, 07 November, 2019

Tadhamon Bank is the 1st  bank in Yemen and the 14th in Middle East that launches the usage of Swift Global Payments Innovation (SWIFT GPI) standard.

Swift GPI is the largest improvement made in cross border payments over the last 30 years by SWIFT as it provides important additional information and improvements in Swift financial services to the customers as it reduces the risks and cost of enquiries that might be deducted from our customers.

This new facility allows knowing the place and status of the inward and outward remittances processed via swift system with their covers, involved costs and applied exchange rates in addition to tracking the transactions from the issuance to the deposit of the amounts in the beneficiaries accounts with banks worldwide.

The Distinctive Features of Swift Global Payments Innovation (SWIFT- GPI):

  • Speed in crediting the swift transfers into the beneficiaries worldwide.
  • Tracking and knowing the status of the swift transfers with gpi banks (Credit – Pending – Reject) from the time issued till reaching to beneficiaries.
  • Knowing the commissions taken by gpi banks from the original amount of the swift transfer.
  • Knowing the FX rate applied in the outward and inward swift transfers if the transfer amount exchanged by any intermediary gpi bank.
  • Reducing costs for the customers through less enquires about the swift outward and inward transfers status.

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