Tadhamon Bank has experience that spans over 20 years and has more than 700 employees. The bank has continuously worked on developing its services through its specialized staff highly qualified.


Under the slogan "New vision to future" Shawqi  Hayel  inaugurates the annual forum of the managers of Tadhamon Bank

Wednesday, 27 February, 2019



Under the slogan "New vision to future" and under the auspices of the father Abduljabbar Hayel  Saeed , Chairman of  Board of Directors  and Mr. Shawqi  Ahmed Hayel , Deputy Chairman  of  Board, the annual forum of  the managers of TB's departments and branches spreading throughout the Republic  convened at the Head Office in Sana'a.


The forum , organized by TB Head Office – Sana'a during the period 27-28 February 2019, targeted to enhance integration and coordination between the efforts of TB's higher leadership, the executive management and branches to provide the best services and such products that achieve a value added to the customers , in addition to exchange of information and constructive viewpoints for the upgrading activities for TB's operations for the year 2019 and to evaluate performance level and challenges with making appropriate proposals to encounter the same and the future objectives and the practices and regulations that contribute to upgrading services to customers , and to enhance TB's activities with a vision looks forward toward future.

At the beginning of his speech, Mr. Shawqi Ahmed Hayel, Deputy Chairman of Board welcomed all TB's staff members and officers and said "by you, we will continue progressing and looking forward toward the future horizons , and, therefore, we expect you to exert more dedication and diligence to overcome together the challenges created by the current circumstances.


He stressed that  TB's development and reaching the position of the biggest bank in Yemen did not come from nothing , but came from the strong foundation from which it tees off and which is based upon the provision of the best services to customers and caring for them through a package of  processes and products operated by competent and qualified staff able to tee off and to skillfully and capably achieve the objectives.

Mr. Shawqi drew attention to that TB has today, proudly, become one of the biggest achievements of the private sector in the development process in Yemen , and this in return puts a great responsibility on the leadership, the executive management and all personnel to maintain  pioneering the banking business and provision of innovated services  and banking facilities that meets the customer's needs with a high quality in accordance with the latest technologies and practices in the banking area globally.


Mr. Shawqi pointed out that TB has, throughout the years, obtained the confidence of its customers in general and the confidence of the local and regional community in particular and this what makes the bank leadership highly keen to promote the bank's activities and to upgrade its services to look forward toward future as the best bank in Yemen without competition.


He expressed the bank leadership's thanks and appreciation to all then officers , branch managers and all the personnel for their dedicative efforts and constant commitment to render TB to occupy the pioneer position that becomes it among the local and regional banks.


Mr. Shawqi went on to say that TB will go ahead with its new identification toward pioneering and advancement and we will offer innovated services and great banking facilities that meet the customer's needs and enhance their partnership with TB . He called all to exert more efforts each from his respective position to maintain the bank's achievements and to realize more progress and success.


During the gathering, all the achievements and activities took place during the year 2018 were reviewed and the programs and new plans for the year 2019 were considered and viewpoints, thoughts and remakes were exchanged about the mechanisms of upgrading and updating the new services, activities and systems oriented towards enhancing the bank's performance.


The forum listened to a set of initiatives and projects presented by the concerned officers and which aimed to realize the best outcomes at the level of performance, activity and customers relationship with the bank.


Tadhamon Bank, a new start with a new identification that looks forward towards the banking future of in the world.

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